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Should I Choose Injection Mold in China

2021-07-07 0

China has always been the go-to country for manufacturers of plastic products, with manufacturing history that stretches back over many decades, delivering parts all across the world. It’s no wonder that other countries have tried to stigmatise this fact with claims that Chinese products are low-quality and made from sub-par materials. While some questionable companies may try to cut corners, which is common all across the globe, we here at Shineyuu – a manufacturing and injection mold company in China – do not. We wouldn’t have been around over 20 years otherwise! Let’s take a look at some of the main concerns and questions you may have regarding all things involving injection mold in China. But if you’re wondering how to get a quote from China to injection mold a part for me? Simply contact us today!

Injection Mold China

So when considering countries to choose from, is China plastic injection mold a good choice? Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of choosing a Chinese company for your needs:

Price: When you consider questions like plastic injection mold China vs USA or injection mold cost Mexico vs China, comparing Europe or Asian markets, the choice always ends up clear. The conclusion is that prices in China simply cannot be beaten, both on the plastics parts produced but also on developing the mold itself. Saving you – the customer – more profits to keep and do with as you please.

Experience: There’s a reason why there are so many plastic injection mold manufacturers in China. We have simply been in the game longer. For decades in fact, the manufacturing industry has been a core component of the country. With many injection mold makers in China, servicing companies and customers across the globe, providing business to small and large companies along a wide spectrum inbetween.

Below you can see an image of our factory, along with our China injection mold builders, working hard on the latest molds:


Injection Mold Costs from China

Have you ever wondered is it cheaper to get plastic injection mold in China or US? As mentioned previously, one of the biggest key factors in conducting business with a China injection mold maker is that of price. It cannot be rivalled. Even when you factor in concerns like how much more will it cost to import an injection mold from China, the price still works out lower than if you choose a competitor from another country. To find out exactly how much an injection mold cost from China can be, and be amazed at the savings you will make, simply contact us for a free quote on your product. When you realize how much the injection mold cost in China is significantly cheaper compared to other locations you will never look back again.

Is Injection Mold from China Safe

A typical China injection mold factory goes through a stringent series of checks and balances to ensure that safety is one of the key and critical factors when it comes to making your product. All Chinese manufacturing companies must ensure that they have the correct certification. You can see ours here or at the bottom of every page on this website, called the ISO:9001-2015. This is to represent how a China injection mold company has met the appropriate quality systems and that any product made by us will be completely safe. So you don’t need to worry about things like are the injection mold plastic from China safe on motorcycles or will this product fall apart. We take safety very seriously.

Here you can see one of our employees drilling and measuring a piece:

Shineyuu employee drilling image

Is China Best for Injection Molding

Injection mold making in China has always been a significant piece of the mold making market across the globe, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. With the likes of China manufacturing shoes with injection mold, to toys, medicals devices, electronics, car parts and many others – many large companies still choose to work with China again and again. If you choose to work with an injection mold manufacturer in China – like us – you can’t go wrong.

Another image of our injection mold factory from China:

Shineyuu facility image

How Shineyuu Does Injection Mold

In order to understand why we are an amazing supplier of injection mold from China, you can always learn more about us, such as checking out our page on injection mold design, or our blog post on custom injection molding, or learn more about our mold injection production facility in China from our about us page. Curious about how to make an injection mold prototype in China? You can check out our case study, where we take you along to see a product’s process from start to finish.

If you are looking for injection mold in China, you can’t go wrong with us. Here at Shineyuu, we happily provide superior injection molding and rapid tooling services at extremely competitive prices. We utilize steel molding tooling techniques, which is utilized as part of the molding process to create multiple copies of your parts. Our services include rapid tooling and mass production tooling. For more information or looking for an injection mold tooling calculator in China, simply contact us instead to get a quote today!