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Five Top Plastic Injection Molding Companies

2021-10-13 0

Below you can find a list of some of the top plastic injection molding companies around the world. These injection molding manufacturers have years of experience in the industry, offer competitive prices and provide custom injection molding at a high quality. These companies are ordered from highest in terms of their quality and usefulness, but all of them are a great choice for your plastic injection molding needs.

It is important to remember that since each of these top injection molding companies come from different countries across the globe, each injection molder supply offers different strengths and weaknesses. For example, some will offer lower prices because of production and wage costs, while others offer faster speed and convenience based on your location. Because of this, all of these factors will come into play when deciding on overall quality and which is the best injection molding factory for you and your next project's needs.

The process of finding a suitable injection molding manufacture can be difficult, but customers are ultimately looking for mold companies which possess a combination of quality from the final product, the speed of production and transport along with lowest costs available.

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Undoubtedly the best plastic injection molding manufacturer on the market right now, Shineyuu has many years of experience with trained professionals across the industry. In terms of quality and care, cheap injection molding and finely-tuned custom plastic molds, this Chinese-based injection mold supplier cannot be beaten when it comes to speed and costs, with core specialty in mold making, rapid tooling and mass production.


Location: China

Quality: Excellent

Below is an image of the Shineyuu branch production facility.

Injection Molding Companies Shineyuu Image


This Indian based injection mold supplier has over 35 years’ experience in the world of plastic processing. Known for low costs and convenience, these specialists offer premium quality raw materials and provide a range of services including injection molding but also sheet extrusion and plastic recycling.


Location: India

Quality: Great

Vietnam Manufacturing Federation (VMF)

VMP is a Vietnamese plastic molding company which offers a great partnership between international businesses and local Vietnam factories. Incorporated in the capital city of Hanoi, this plastics molding company provides both cheaper costs and reliability. They provide not only injection molding, but also casting and precision machinery.


Location: Vietnam

Quality: Great

Agile Molds & Molding

Another strong international moulding company which offers injection molding services is the Brazilian based Agile Molds & Molding. With over 100 employees and 2000 square meters in size, this company can provide 40 to 50 quality injection moulds per month. This molding company primarily focuses on injection mold manufacturing, along with mold design and custom molding.


Location: Brazil

Quality: Good


This German-based company is another contender for custom injection moldings, offering good quality. Rosti works with a wide range of companies, from multinational corporations to small independent businesses. Not only do they work with the injection mold supply, this plastic molding manufacturing company also uses liquid silicon molding and injection blow molding.


Location: Germany

Quality: Good

Below is a typical image of custom injection molders working in their facility. Perhaps these plastic injection molders will be working on your next project!

Injection Molding Companies Factory Image


Here we have covered five different injection molding companies from around the world that work with quality, price and speed so that you can find the molding company of your needs.

We here at Shineyuu know all about injection mold supplies. In fact, we know a lot about all kinds of plastics, since we are an injection molding company and plastic mold maker! If you are thinking about who should work with your next injection moulding products, or are not sure which material is best to use simply contact us and request a quote, or indeed you can ask us any questions and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can!

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